Qurei’s pathetic warnings


By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

Ahmed Qurei’, the leading Palestinian Authority (PA)
negotiator, is behaving very much like Alice in Wonderland.
Last week, he warned for the umpteenth time that the
“Palestinian leadership” would switch to the “one-state
solution” if Israel continued to obstruct the two-state

Speaking before Fatah delegates in Ramallah, Qurei’
reiterated the mantra that the PA would never settle for
anything less than a viable state on all the Palestinian
territories occupied by Israel in 1967, with “al-Quds al
Sharif” or “Noble Jerusalem” as its capital.

Qurei’ and some other PA leaders have been voicing similar
warnings for years. These leaders, however, seem to utterly
lack the will and real inclination to abandon the defunct
Oslo process. The reasons for that apparently have more to
do with personal and partisan expediency and less with true
Palestinian national considerations.

This is why Qurei’s remarks shouldn’t be taken seriously.
After all, the very survival of the PA depends, almost
completely, on its subservience to Israel.

In recent months, this ignominious subservience assumed
more brazen manifestations, including joint raids of
Palestinian homes, businesses, charities and educational
institutions. Today, PA security cadets are taught that the
enemy is Hamas, not Israel.

PA leaders, including the American-favored Palestinian
Prime Minister Salam Fayad, might think that “working with
Israel “ in the West Bank would eventually convince the
Zionist regime to withdraw from the occupied territory and
allow PA “forces” to assume full security responsibility
and maintain law and order.!!!

Well, it is because of this strikingly ignorant and
shockingly morbid thinking that the PA has effectively
become the biggest obstacle impeding the Palestinian
struggle for freedom from the Nazi-like Israeli occupation.

Israel, after all, has always viewed the PA as a quisling
entity. This is the reason the terrorist state has allowed
and continues to allow the US and some Arab states, which
are at America’s beck and call, to supply military
equipment to the Ramallah regime. Does anyone in his or her
right mind think that Israel would allow the transfer of
military gear to the PA if it had the slightest doubt that
these weapons would be used against Israel one day?

There is no doubt that Israel has effectively killed the
two-state solution, thanks to the intensive proliferation
of Jewish-only settlements, Jewish-only roads and
Jewish-only facilities throughout the West Bank. One
doesn’t have to be a great expert in the Zionist enterprise
to appreciate reality.

Actually, the matter goes far beyond merely “impeding” the
realization of the two-state solution. We all know,
Israelis and Palestinians alike as well as well-informed
people around the world that no prospective Zionist
government would ever agree to dismantle all these huge
settlements dotting the map of the West Bank from Dahiriya
in the south to Jenin in the north and from Jerusalem in
the west to Jericho in the east.

We also know that East Jerusalem, the contemplated capital
of the contemplated Palestinian entity has been reduced to
a small ghetto surrounded by Jewish-only colonies such as
Ma’ali Adomim, Pisgat Ze’ev, Har Homma Efrata, and Gush
Itzion, just to mention a few.

So why did PA leaders refuse to open their eyes and deal
with reality all these years? Were they drunk? Were they
asleep? Were they mesmerized by the false luster of
authority, an authority whose borders end with the nearest
Israeli tank or armored vehicle which is only a few meters
away ? Or perhaps they were busy self-congratulating
themselves on having been granted empty but grand-sounding
titles such “minister of this or minister of that!!” when
in fact the lowest-ranking Israeli soldier would stop and
humiliate them at the nearest roadblock in full view of
Palestinian travelers?

The truth of the matter is that the PA and its leaders lack
the ability to challenge Israel. Israel represents the
lifeline of their political and especially financial

Without Israel, and especially without this pathetic peace
process which has the smell of conspiracy, PA leaders and
officials wouldn’t be riding ostentatiously in brand new
limousines and having chummy chats with the likes of Tony
Blair who privately tells his European and American
interlocutors that all that Palestinians need to shut their
mouths up is some brand new cars, grand titles, bloated
salaries and invitations to Paris, London and Washington
where they can have memorial photo-ops with western leaders
for self-gratification, this is while their own people are
savaged by Nazi-like Israeli soldiers and Jewish settlers
all over the West Bank.

Needless to say, Israel will never ever take PA warnings
and threats seriously, as long as the PA prefers the
legitimacy that comes from Israeli and American acceptance
more than that which comes from the Palestinian people’s

More to the point, Israel will never show the slightest
respect for an authority that doesn’t hesitate to break its
own laws, by arresting, torturing and even killing
Palestinians in order appease Israel.

This is why Israel and probably the rest of the world as
well have not paid much attention to Qurei’s warnings..

Indeed, in order for any warning to be meaningful, it would
have to be genuine, and those issuing it would have to be
willing and ready to act on it when challenged.

But, unfortunately, the PA neither behaves nor thinks in
this way. This is simply not its character. It is an entity
whose leaders would protest an Israeli decision to build
more settlements in on stolen Palestinian land by traveling
to West Jerusalem the next morning to exchange ostensibly
cordial kisses with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, the
very person who took that decision to build more

Is this the way to gain the respect of our enemy? Is this
the way to convince the world that we are serious about
wanting to extricate our usurped land and arrogated rights
from the cruel hands of Zionism?

Moreover, how many times are we supposed to let the
murderous liars of Washington bamboozle us in matters
pertaining to our very national survival?

How many more “peace conferences” and “peace initiatives”
must we watch come and go before we realize that Israel
doesn’t want peace and that the United States, Israel’s
ultimate guardian ally, is unwilling and probably unable to
pressure Israel to give up the spoils of the 1967 war?

Indeed, the fact that we continue to walk rather blindly
and gullibly in the American path may well have convinced
the Americans and the rest of the world that we are really
fools who would go for anything?

Are we fools? Are we stupid? Otherwise, why do we continue
to hold seemingly endless talks with Israel despite our
deep convictions that Israel doesn’t want peace? Why have
we failed to demand a total stoppage of Jewish settlement
expansion as a precondition for the continuation of the
so-called “peace talks”? We do have a huge army of
“advisors” and “experts” and “consultants” who receive
hefty salaries at the expense of hundreds of thousands of
impoverished Palestinians who can hardly make ends meet.
Can’t these people offer the PA leadership a decent advice
with regard to this game of make believe, otherwise known
as “peace talks.”

Does a peace-loving state build hundreds of settlements on
stolen land? Does a peace- loving state behave like Israel
has been behaving, both in Gaza and the West Bank?

Why do we continue to deceive and cheat our people by
stating after every meeting with Israeli war criminals,
such Olmert and Barak, that “the talks were positive and

Today, Seri Nuseiba, one of the most dovish PLO operatives
in east Jerusalem, told the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz that
the two-states solution was becoming unrealistic and
virtually impossible, in light of facts on the ground.

So, why is the PA refusing to see reality on the ground as
it is? Or are we, Palestinians, supposed to continue to
give this discredited leadership the benefit of the doubt
until Israel destroys the last vestige of our national
immunity in the face of Zionism?



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