While Nablus is raided: Gordon Brown, another false prophet


By Khalid Amayreh

As British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was having an
audience with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud
Abbas in Bethlehem, the Israeli occupation army was raping
anew the Palestinian town of Nablus, rounding up and
humiliating innocent people, violating homes and
vandalizing businesses.

On Sunday and early Monday, the so-called Israeli Defense
Forces raided the northern city, for the fourth time in
less than three weeks, as thousands of CIA-trained
Palestinian security personnel were watching from their
comfortable headquarters nearby.

The invading forces arrested dozens of innocent people,
including a lawmaker named Muna Mansur, the wife of an
Islamic political leader who was murdered by a Jewish death
squad while sitting in his office in downtown Nablus
several years ago.

The detainees, who are likely to be dumped in an Israeli
concentration camp for lengthy periods of time, have
committed no felony or even misdemeanor. Their only “guilt”
seems to be their conscientious opposition to the Nazi-like
Israeli occupation of their country.

Two weeks ago, the same Jewish forces, acting like the
German Gestapo, ransacked the main commercial center of
Nablus, raiding commercial malls, beauty salons, a major
medical center and numerous other institutions, crushing
furniture, smashing equipments and vandalizing public and
private property.

These acts of rape passed quietly as the governments of
Europe and North America, thoroughly absorbed in their
pornographic hypocrisy toward the Palestinian plight, kept
silent. After all, the victims are Palestinian, they are
Arabs, they are Muslims.

These are the same governments that have been demanding
rather shamelessly the prompt and unconditional release of
an Israeli combat soldier who was taken prisoner by
Palestinian fighters near the Gaza Strip more than two
years ago, while utterly ignoring the fate of more than
10,000 Palestinian detainees languishing in Israeli
dungeons and detention camps.

This pattern of moral whoredom on the part of European and
North American leaders is echoed ad nauseam every time a
European or American or Canadian official sets foot on the
soil of occupied Palestine, a holy land made unholy by the
overwhelming obscenity of Israel’s oppression of a people
whose only guilt is its enduring determination to survive
and be free.

There, these officials and statesmen utter a few empty
words about the “glory of Israeli democracy” before
returning home, hoping to have succeeded in impressing the
international Zionist cartel which effectively controls the
policies, politics and governments of most western

Gordon is no exception. He is just another carbon copy of
the typical hypocritical, double-faced, and morally
bankrupt western leader who tries to blur his dishonest
discourse with diplomatic niceties and nice-sounding

In fact, not only did Gordon keep his mouth shut regarding
Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, apparently fearing
upsetting his arrogant Zionist hosts, but he also
reiterated the same mantra western leaders like to utter
whenever they visit Europe’s ugly brat in the Middle East.

Brown, whose country gave birth to ugly Zionist entity,
vowed that Britain would “back Israel’s right to exist,” a
euphemism for backing Israel’s settlement expansion and
territorial aggrandizement at the expense of the
Palestinian people.

Indeed, this is how Israel understands such statements from
western leaders because if a given western country doesn’t
fully support Israel’s genocidal campaign against the
Palestinians, then the government of that country must be
advocating the destruction of Israel and the extermination
of the Jewish people!!

In short, from the Israeli perspective, Europe and America
have two choices vis-à-vis Israel, either they support the
liquidation of Palestine and its native people, the
Palestinians, or get themselves ready for vociferous Jewish
accusations of being Nazis, anti-Semites and “Hamas

I don’t know why western leaders, such as Gordon, keep
talking about Israel’s right to exist while rarely alluding
to the Palestinian people’s right to exist. Do they think
that Palestinians are unimportant? Do they consider the
rights of the “Chosenites” to be superior to and override
the rights and lives of the non-Chosenites?

Besides, one might really wonder how a country that
possesses more than 300 nuclear warheads and is also in
tight control of the American government and Congress has
its “right to exist” threatened by a people who spend half
of their time stranded at Israeli roadblocks and
checkpoints and the other half struggling to make ends

What is the problem with these European and American
leaders who keep parroting these illogical formulas about
Israel and its miraculous achievements? Are they drunk? Are
they ignorant? Are they irremediably dishonest?

In addition to his shooting from the hip about Israel,
Brown had the audacity to claim that Palestinian economic
prosperity was the key to foster and consolidate peace. He
went as far as saying that he planned to implement an
“economic roadmap” in occupied Palestine in an effort to
develop and stabilize the region.

But, undoubtedly, these are manifestly stupid remarks since
no economic prosperity can be achieved in a jungle of
roadblocks and checkpoints and hundreds of other physical
barriers that reduce the West Bank to an archipelago of
miserable Bantustans and townships, cut off from each other
and virtually isolated from the rest of the world.

Shouldn’t Brown have consulted with his predecessor, Tony
Blair, and asked him about the feasibility of effecting
economic prosperity in the West Bank under a Nazi-like
military occupation regime that is hell-bent on making the
Palestinians’ daily life an unbearable hell so that they
would eventually leave their homeland.

Blair, who had harbored wild hopes about reviving the
Palestinian economy, mainly in order to induce Palestinians
to be flexible on such paramount issues as the “right of
return” and “Jerusalem” has lately come to recognize the
impossibility of any serious economic revival in the West
Bank due to the ubiquitous presence of the Israeli

Nonetheless, the often criminal western collusion with
Israel against the Palestinians and against justice
wouldn’t have had a conspicuously sinister impact had it
not been for the presence of a perfidious “Palestinian”
authority that is very much at America’s, and therefore
Israel’s beck and call.

Well, what is the point of having a “Palestinian Authority”
in whose presence and under whose rubric the Israeli
occupation army rapes our population centers every day and
every hour and every minute?

What is the point of having flamboyant PA leaders having
photo ops and “friendly and constructive and positive”
meetings with western leaders when all these encounters
can’t even save a Palestinian home from the claws of one
Israeli bulldozer?

Surely, no one is demanding that the PA militarily
confronts brutal Israeli barbarianism.

However, playing the role of a Palestinian Judenrat
vis-à-vis Israel represents the ultimate act of national
treason. That is the message that Palestinians everywhere
ought to communicate to the American-backed junta in



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