Israel crosses all red lines in West Bank

By Khalid Amayreh in Ramallah

Until a few years ago, most of the Israeli army activities
in the occupied territories were aimed primarily at forcing
Palestinians to come to terms with their status as
perpetual slaves tightly controlled by Jewish masters.

The occupation army would demolish homes, seal college
campuses and arrest suspected activists for prolonged
periods of time.

The message was clear: Don’t you ever dream of freedom, for
whatever you do wouldn’t help you, the world won’t help you
because we control America and America controls the world;
we are the master race.

Now the Israeli army is targeting the Palestinian society
as a whole. It is directly targeting educational, social,
economic and even medical institutions.

Interestingly, this is taking place under the scandalous
rubric of “peace talks” between the Zionist state and the
American-backed Palestinian Authority (PA) which is
supposed to protect Palestinians and their national
interests from Israel’s nefarious conduct.

In doing so, Israel is effectively crossing all erstwhile
red lines, violating all conceivable considerations
mandated by human decency. It is a no-holds-barred policy
intended to impoverish and debilitate the Palestinian
community by forcing Palestinians to devote most of their
time and energy to hankering after their immediate daily

This week, the Israeli army vandalized and ransacked civil
institutions, including a school, a medical center and a
commercial department store in the heart of Nablus, the
second largest city in the West Bank. The vandalized and
ransacked institutions happen to be in an area under the
control of the PA, pursuant to the hapless Oslo Accords.

Reporters and ordinary citizens were shocked by the scenes
of basic educational materials trashed and crushed by an
army that Israelis claim ad nauseam that it is the most
moral army in the world.

Well, it is a “moral army” that orders its soldiers to
storm orphanages, boarding schools and soup kitchens and
crush food about to be served to poor children, many of
them have lost their parents to Israeli bullets.

Morality afterall is a relative matter. The Nazis, too, had
thought their armies were the most moral of all armies.
Apparently, Zionist Jews are walking in the same path and
making the same arguments.

A few months ago, the Israeli army carried out a
“holocaust”, using the words of a Christian peace activist,
against Islamic charitable institutions in the Hebron
region. The “army of the Jews” targeted schools,
businesses, orphanages and soup kitchens. troops, acting
like gangsters and common criminals, went as far as raiding
and vandalizing sewing machines and clothes stores. Even
children sport shoes and underwear were confiscated and
later dumped at sewage streams outside the city. Yes, this
happens in a state that claims to be a light upon the
nations and the only democracy in the Middle East.

Israel, a country whose very existence is based on murder,
mendacity and theft, claims that its “actions” are
necessary to combat terror, a reference to Palestinian
resistance to Israel’s sinister occupation, including
non-violent resistance.

However, it is more than obvious that the targeted
institutions have absolutely no connections with any
political organization, including Hamas, the mantra whose
invocation Israel thinks justifies every conceivable crime
against the helpless Palestinians, their dignity and

Moreover, one is inescapably compelled to ask how
destroying classrooms and trashing educational aids as well
as crushing soup kitchens and storming gynecology wards in
hospitals contribute to fighting “terror.”?

Does the Israeli army, government and Jews in general think
that they endear Palestinian children to peaceful
coexistence by destroying their classrooms, by crushing
their educational aids, and by tying up Palestinian
teachers to power poles and beating them savagely?

In fact, Israel is punishing the Palestinians for their
very survival, for their very existence and for refusing to
die and disappear, just as the Nazis fought Jews for their
very existence, survival and refusal to disappear.

Israel would want the Palestinians to die and vanish from
the face of earth without showing resistance and as quietly
as possible.

This mental sickness on the part of Israelis explains the
utter evilness and insidiousness of their despicable
treatment of ordinary Palestinians. The collective mindset
of Israel simply expects her Palestinian victims to behave
and act like Nazism’s victims, to surrender to their
ineluctable fate without making a big noise.

Unfortunately, the world at large seems to be colluding
with Israel in crucifying the Palestinian people.

Even the Palestinian Authority (PA) of Ramallah, which
claims to be defending and safeguarding Palestinian
national interests, is acquiescing to genocidal Israeli
terrorism, so much that Israel itself has come to view the
PA as a sort of Palestinian Judenrat.

One would have thought that Mahmoud Abbas, the chief of the
PA, would take a meaningful stand against Israeli crimes in
Nablus and Hebron.

However, his deafening silence in the face of these
abominable crimes is confirming and the man’s utter
inadequacy for leading the Palestinians.

But, then, what can we realistically expect from an
authority that has no authority, an entity whose very
existence and survival depends on handouts from foreign
powers which themselves happen to be at Israel’s beck and

As to the west, the matter is even more scandalous. Western
governments, which keep an army of informers, NGO
representatives, diplomats, and monitors in the West Bank,
know perfectly well the extent of Israeli barbarianism and
terror against the helpless Palestinians.

A few weeks ago, a European diplomat intimated to this
writer that “we brief our governments on every aspect of
Israeli repression of Palestinians.”

However, when asked why the governments don’t act on the
information provided, the diplomat, expressing a whiff of
embarrassment, said “Well, that is a different matter. Our
governments have other considerations. They can’t always do
what should be done. They can’t upset certain pressure
groups both inside and outside.”

We are talking about mostly morally-bankrupt governments
whose leaders, when they come on a visit to occupied
Palestine, don’t stop babbling about “human rights,
democracy and civil liberties.”

Well, we have heard these stories too much and for too
long, so much that most of our people have already lost
faith in western democracy, a big lie that only spells
hypocrisy and conspiracy.

What else explains the disgraceful western silence toward
the Nazi-like Israeli onslaught on the Palestinian people’s
very existence.


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