Israel’s collective psychosis: The denial syndrome

By Khalid Amayreh

This week, Israel sank in an avalanche of national
lethargy, hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

Seeking to cope with Hezbullah’s success in getting Israel
to release all Lebanese prisoners, dead and living, in
exchange for the remains of two Israeli soldiers, Israeli
leaders, media and shapers of public opinion have been
indulging in sanctimonious self-glorification while
denouncing the other side as “hateful, uncivilized and
representing an inferior culture.”

This is a characteristic Israeli behavior. It perfectly
characterizes a society that has been living in a state of
denial ever since Zionist gangs, aided by western powers,
succeeded in uprooting the bulk of native Palestinians from
Palestine, their ancestral homeland, and implanting therein
Israel, a state based on racism, terror, ethnic cleansing
and falsification of history.

The orgy of lying, especially the shocking amenability of
most Zionist Jews to take the obscene lies at face value
caricatures a people that dreads knowing the truth, let
alone coping with it. And when the truth eventually manages
to penetrate the “iron wall” of Zionist lies, the
custodians of the big lie, which is Zionism, resort to a
whole set of defense mechanisms to protect the collective
mental sanity of a state whose very existence constitutes a
crime against humanity.

Thus, according to this depraved and psychotic mindset,
Israel doesn’t murder children and innocent civilians, It
is only the victims that bring death upon themselves. And
Israelis don’t steal the land and property of Palestinians,
since the entire world was created for the sake of the
“chosen people.”

And even when Jews do commit “certain mistakes” and
“abominable sins,” they are not really to blame for that
since it is the victims that always force Jews to make
these mistakes.

Hence, the proverbial Palestinian victim of Israeli
savagery is always responsible for the demolition of his
own home, the murder of his own children and the
destruction of his own farm, grove and orchard by Israeli

Eventually, the entire Palestinian Nakba is a
self-inflicted calamity which the Palestinians brought upon
themselves because they refused to succumb to the will of
the “chosen people.” More to the point, if the Palestinians
don’t come to terms with the Nakba and the occupation, a
greater Nakba, or holocaust, would be inflicted upon them.

Interestingly, the wave of self-righteous overindulgence in
Israel has been led by the establishment people, figures
that know too well that Israel doesn’t really represent the
culture of peace, but rather the culture of war and
aggression; they know that Israel is inculcated with a
criminal and murderous mentality that differs very little
from the Nazi mentality.

Yes, they do know all of this, but like all murderers,
thieves and liars, they dread facing the truth. The truth
would simply make them lose their raison d’etre. This is
why they always try to turn the black into white, the white
into black and the big lie into a “truth” glorified by
millions of “beneficiaries” at home and ignorant “fans”

It may be particularly difficult to convince the
“beneficiaries” of their sinfulness, namely the fact that
they are living in homes that belong to other people and
living on land that belongs to another people.

However, for the sake of the ignorant or naïve fans in
Europe and north America as well as the rest of the world,
it is imperative that they be delivered from the grip of
Zionist lies.

Yes, westerners must be allowed to know the naked truth
about this sick and sickening state that deceptively claims
to be the sole true inheritor of Judaism while its
ideology, behavior and actions are antithetical to all
religious and moral values that stress universal justice
and human equality.

Let us remember some of the “glorious expressions” of the
Zionist culture of love and self-abnegation in recent

Chris Hedges is a prominent journalist and author
specialized in American and Middle Eastern politics. He
worked for a number of publications including the Christian
Science Monitor, the Dallas Morning News and the New York
Times where he spent 15 years.

In his recent book, War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning,
Hedges tells a chilling story from his trip to the Gaza
Strip in the heydays of the intifada, or the second
Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation.

Hedges watched, ten- and eleven-year-old Palestinian
children being lured to their neighborhood’s perimeter
fence by taunts from a loudspeaker on the Israeli side.
“Where are all the dogs of Khan Younis? Come! Come! The
Israeli voice barked insults at the boys’ mothers. The boys
responded by hurling their rocks at the jeep with the
loudspeaker. The Israelis shot at them with M-16s fitted
with silencers. Hedges found the victims in the hospital,
children with their stomachs ripped out, and with gaping
holes in their limbs.

Writing for “Harper’s Magazine” (see The Nation, March 11,
2002), Hedges wrote: “ Children have been shot in other
conflicts I have covered. Death squads gunned them down in
El Salvador and Guatemala, mothers with infants were lined
up and massacred in Algeria, and Serb snipers put children
in their sights in Sarajevo, but I have never before
watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and
murder them for sport.”

Here is another “expression of love:” In November, 2001, an
undercover unit of the Israeli army buried a landmine in
the sand that flows around Abdullah Siyam Primary School in
Khan Younis in southern Gaza.

A few hours later, as Palestinian children headed to
school, the mine exploded. Five school kids were instantly
reduced to broken flesh. The youngest was six. All the
victims came from the same extended family: Akram Naim
Astal, 6, and his brother Mohammed, 13; Omar Idris Astal,
12, and his brother Anis, 10; and their cousin Muhamemd
Sultan Astal, 12. Their young bodies were mutilated beyond
recognition. The limbs of one child were found 50 meters
away. Some of the kids could only be identified by their
school bags, brightly colored and spattered with blood,
still dangling from their butchered bodies.

Hasbara doctors in Israel might seek to extenuate the
gravity or even whitewash these crimes by claiming that
these were “individual acts” that didn’t reflect the
overall policy of the Israeli government and army.

However, this is a big lie. In 2001, the noted Israeli
award-wining journalist Amira Hass interviewed an Israeli
sniper in which the soldier described the commands he
received from his superiors:

“Twelve and up, you are allowed to shoot. That is what they
tell us,” the soldier said. “So,” responded the reporter,
“according to the IDF, the appropriate minimum age group at
which to shoot is 12.” The soldier replied: “this is
according to what the IDF says to its soldiers. I don’t
know if this is what the IDF says to the media.”

A further “expression of love and humanity of Israeli
culture” manifested itself, also in Gaza, in 2004, when an
Israeli occupation army soldier, dubbed Captain-R, shot a
Palestinian girl, Iman al Hums, who was on her way to
school. However, the soldier was not sure whether the
13-year-girl died or not. Hence, he walked to the bleeding
child, and instead of trying to save her life, he shot here
25 times, emptying his entire magazine of bullets into her
tender body. He did what he did in order “ to verify the
kill,” a standard Israeli army practice in such

Now, the reader might be prompted to think that the
bloodthirsty murderer was arrested and made to stand trial
for his hair-raising crime. Well, the opposite happened.
The soldier not only was innocent of any wrongdoing but was
also awarded tens of thousands of dollars for being “hurt
and libeled by unfavorable media coverage.”

In truth, it is not only Israeli army soldiers and officers
who willfully indulge in such Nazi behavior. Zionist rabbis
routinely issue religious edicts that would allow Israeli
troops to murder non-Jewish children knowingly and
deliberately without having to worry about any
ramifications, moral or otherwise.

In May 2007, shortly before Israeli occupation soldiers
murdered two Gaza children who apparently were searching
for scrap metal to sell for a few cents in order help feed
their impoverished families, the former Israeli Chief
rabbi, Mordechai Elyahu, petitioned the Israeli government
to carry out a series of carpet bombing of Gaza population

Elyahu argued that a ground invasion of the world’s most
crowded spot would endanger Israeli soldiers. He said “If
they don’t stop after we kill 100, then we must kill a
thousand. And if they do not stop after 1,000, then we must
kill 10,000. If they still don’t stop we must kill 100,000,
even a million, whatever it takes to make them stop.”

Earlier, Elyahu, a prominent Talmudic sage, called on the
Israeli occupation army not to refrain from killing
Palestinian children if that means saving the lives of
Israeli soldiers.

The above-mentioned are only sporadic examples of the
barbarian spirit inculcated in Israelis, especially
soldiers dispatched to the occupied Palestinian territories
to guard the occupation and enforce apartheid.

It is this barbarian mindset that makes Israeli soldiers
abduct Palestinian school children and take them to nearby
Jewish settlements where they are used as “training
objects” by Jewish youngsters. It is this barbarian
mentality that makes Jewish soldiers force helpless
Palestinian laborers do certain depraved acts such as
drinking soldiers’ urine and singing, individually or in
unison, “wahad Hommas, wahad fool, Allah Iyhay-yee Mishmar
Gvul” (one ‘dish’ hummus, one broad beans, may Allah greet
the Border Police)!!!

There are of course thousands, even tens of thousands, of
examples which one could easily and readily cite to
underscore Israeli barbarianism.

To be sure, this disgraceful reality is known to many
Israelis. In 2001, Shulamit Aloni, a former minister of
education, wrote in the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv that “we
have become a barbarian people.”

So, what makes a leftist, liberal woman see in Israel what
the vast bulk of Israelis, including the country’s
intelligentsia, wouldn’t see, or more correctly, wouldn’t
want to see.

Well, it is Israel’s collective psychosis, the denial


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