Voices of Evil

By Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

“Every honest Jew who knows the history of his people cannot
but feel a deep sense of gratitude to Islam, which has
protected the Jews for fifty generations, while the
Christian world persecuted the Jews and tried many times
“by the sword” to get them to abandon their faith.

Uri Avnery, Israeli writer and journalist

Benyamin Netanyahu and Daniel Pipes are two classical
examples reflecting the brutal ugliness of Jewish

The former has been moving stridently toward full-fledged
Zionist fascism while the latter is unabashedly calling for
an all-out crusade by the US and Europe against the Muslim
world, of course on Israel’s behalf.

Let us start with Netanyahu, a racist, pathological liar by
every shred of imagination. This week, Netanyahu had the
temerity to claim that the Nazi-like Israeli occupation of
Palestine was not the real root cause besetting the Middle
East, and that the real source of trouble was “radical

In characteristic Zionist ingratitude, Netanyahu utterly
ignored the fact that it was Muslims in North Africa and
the Middle East who protected Jews during the holocaust.

Similarly, he overlooked the fact that Jews reached their
golden age under Muslim rule in southern Spain.

Netanyahu is not an ignoramus; he is rather an addicted
willful liar and hatemonger, and his constant vilification
of Islam is designed first and foremost to divert world
attention from the genocidal ethnic cleansing Israel has
been carrying out against the Palestinian people.

His red-herring tactic may succeed in deceiving some people
in the West, especially those readily exposed to
Zionist-controlled media.

However, with the advent of the internet and other forms of
independent media, the Israeli “magic” is losing its effect
as more and more people in North America and Europe are
discovering the truth about this criminal entity.

Netanyahu often portrays Israel as representing western
civilization and ideals in an area dominated by Islam.

However, one doesn’t have to be a great expert in Israeli
affairs to find out the enormity of this lie.

Israel, after all, is a country that is based on mass
murder, mass theft and mass mendacity, characters that most
Westerners wouldn’t find particularly appealing.

In fact, if Israel reminds the West of anything, it reminds
it of a very ugly and sad chapter in European history, a
chapter Europe would never want to see again.

I am alluding to Third Reich which destroyed Europe and
caused the death of tens of millions of people, all under
the rubric of the Master Race.

Just take a fleeting look at the general discourse in
Israel today and you will see the striking similarity
between the German treatment of European Jewry and Israeli
treatment of the helpless Palestinians. Indeed, in the name
of “the chosen people” and Jewish nationalism, Israel has
brought havoc and turbulence to the peoples of the Middle

It is true that Israel is technologically advanced in many
fields and has a modern economy. But so what? Nazi Germany,
too, was technologically advanced and had a vibrant
economy. The former Soviet Union was also very powerful and
technologically advanced.

As to Netanyahu himself, it is clear that the man embodies
the zenith of racism and evil which puts him at the
opposite side of western ideals, such as human rights, for

In 1989, this Netanyahu who is ranting and raving about
fictitious threats facing “western civilization” told
students at Bar Illan University that “Israel should have
exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China
(The Tiananmen Square) where world attention was focused on
that country to carry out mass ethnic cleansing of the
Arabs of territories.”

A few years ago, the same Netanyahu declared in a speech
before the Inter-disciplinary Center in Herzlya, north of
Tel Aiv, that Israel would have to watch more closely the
birth rate of Israel’s Arab citizens who he said
constituted an even greater strategic threat to the Jewish
identity of Israel than did the Palestinians of the West
Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

So, how is Netanyahu going about to create a Jewish empire
or “Yeretz Yisrael Hashlema” as is known in Hebrew?

Well, the answer is very clear. He would like to see
Christians and Muslims at each other’s throats so that
Israel could use the ensuing bloodshed to achieve more
territorial aggrandizement while pretending to defend
western interests.

Netanyahu, like the rest of Zionist leaders, is a
warmonger. This explains why he is hell-bent on pushing the
US to attack Iran just as Zionism’s men in Washington had
succeeded in getting the Bush administration to invade,
occupy and destroy Iraq and cause the death of a million
people on Israel’s behalf.

Now, Daniel Pipes, the Joseph Gooebbels of our time and
perpetual inciter against one fourth of humanity. In a
recent article titled “the Enemy has a Name,” Pipes urged
the US to “vanquish” Islam-ism and prevent Muslim masses
from achieving independence, democracy and

“Vanquish Islamism and help Muslims develop an alternative
form of Islam,” he wrote in his screed. You see how this
Nazi-minded hoodlum is demanding that Muslims change their
own religion so that it would suit his morbid whims.

Voicing his gung-ho approach toward Islam’s estimated 1.5
billion followers, the manifestly racist icon of the Bush
era suggests that the west employ “conventional war,
counterterrorism, counterpropaganda, and many other
strategies” to suppress Islam’s opposition to Zionist
hegemony in the Middle East.

What Pipes is saying effectively is that “either Muslims
bring themselves to submit to Jewish tyranny and be slaves
for the global Jewish- Zionist elites, or they must be

To expedite his sick goals, he suggests the incubation of
“Muslim” quisling entities (presumably similar to the
quisling governments which Nazi Germany created through
occupied Europe) whose main job is to crush any opposition
to American colonialism and interventionism.

Pipes recognizes though that the agents of western
colonialism throughout the Muslim world are weak and
unreliable because they are mostly “ fractured individuals,
who have only just begun hard work of researching,
communicating, organizing, funding and mobilizing.”

To overcome this obstacle, Pipes urges solid western
backing and support for agents of western imperialism,
presumably people like Fouad Seniora in Lebanon, Hamid
Qarazi in Afghanistan, and Mahmoud Abbas in the occupied
Palestinian territories, and of course, Riad al Maliki, in

Now what is the difference between this hateful and
criminal mindset and the Nazi mentality? In fact, it is the
same mentality. The Germans did it in the name of the
“master race” and Pipes and ilk are trying to do the same
thing in the name of the “superiority of the Jewish race.”

Of course, Pipes may continue to day-dream until he dies.

Day-dreaming by definition indicates that the dreamer has
reached an advanced degree of frustration and despair.

Eventually, fire will consume itself if it has nothing to


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