Fatah’s Fifth Column

By Khalid Amayreh

While the vast majority of Palestinians have welcomed the
Egyptian-mediated ceasefire between the Hamas movement and
Israel, the American-backed “fifth column” within Fatah is
viewing the tahdiaa or brief calm in the Gaza Strip as an
existential threat to its very survival.

Since the conclusion of the fragile ceasefire nearly ten
days ago, these rouge elements have spared no effort trying
to thwart the truce by firing primitive projectiles across
the border. They also have been accusing Hamas of betraying
the resistance and undermining the vital interests of the
Palestinian people.

Of course, the purported concern for the resistance is
plainly insincere and disingenuous. It is an exposed and
cheap distraction aimed at blurring the real purpose of
these thugs, namely to provoke Israel to revoke the
ceasefire and carry out an all-out invasion of Gaza to
destroy Hamas and hand over the coastal territory to
Israel’s and America’s agents.

Isn’t exactly this goal that these “Fatah leaders” have
been intimating to western news agencies and Israeli
correspondents, always “on condition of anonymity.”

We all know and the bulk of Palestinians know that these
mercenaries are first and foremost answerable to US General
Keith Dayton, who effectively serves as American High
Commissioner in Ramallah, and is himself answerable to
Elliot Abram, who is more or less AIPAC’s representative in
the Bush administration.

Abrams has always worked strenuously toward igniting the
flames of civil war between the western-backed “moderates”
and the “extremist elements” led by Hamas. He had actually
made several public statements to that effect, but the
self-absorbed regime in Ramallah wouldn’t pay attention to
that, preferring to believe that Abrams was only making

The Bush administration’s goal was from the very inception
, and probably still i to push the Palestinian society
toward a sort of violent and bloody implosion that would
eventually allow Israel and the neocons in Washington to
liquidate the Palestinian cause, once and for all.

This is exactly what Abrams had in mind last summer when he
okayed the transfer of huge sums of money and shipments of
arms to America’s man in Gaza, Muhammed Dhalan.

We all know the rest of the story as Hamas moved swiftly
and decisively to pre-empt Abrams’ criminal designs by
putting an end to Dahlan’s coup-in-the-making and ousting
his men and cohorts from Gaza.

Defeated, embittered and expelled, these people have never
stopped hatching plots to sow the seeds of civil war and
violence in the Gaza Strip.

They tried every conceivable conspiracy to beat Hamas,
effectively on Israel’s behalf, even as the Israeli
occupation army was murdering Palestinian civilians in

At one point the Fifth Column in Fatah seemed fully
embedded with Israel in the common battle against Hamas.
Their collusion with Israel and the US in maintaining the
harsh blockade on Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants speaks
volumes. It constitutes a stigma of shame on the foreheads
of the traitors and their supporters that will stay with
them for the rest of their lives.

Having failed to dislodge Hamas, these traitors are now
trying to sabotage the ceasefire in Gaza under the rubric
of resistance. This happens as tens of thousands of Fatah
“forces” are working in close coordination with the Israeli
occupation army to hound and eradicate real freedom
fighters, including Fatah’s own, in the West Bank.
Obviously, this is done on Israel’s behalf and in order to
obtain a certificate of good conduct from the likes of
Bush, Rice, Dayton and Abrams.

I realize that Fatah is not a monolithic movement. I also
know for sure that the movement includes many dignified and
patriotic elements that reject the shameful behavior of
certain elements within the group that claim to be speaking
and acting in the name of Fatah when they are effectively
at Israel’s and the CIA’s beck and call.

Unfortunately, these rouge elements have the money
(American dollars) and the wherewithal not only to corrode
Fatah from within but also to destabilize the internal
Palestinian front, all in the service of Israel and her
diabolical designs against our people and enduring just

Hence, it is imperative that true patriots within Fatah
move swiftly and decisively to undercut these
fifth-columnists and prevent them from morphing the largest
political movement in Palestine from a liberation movement
into a quisling entity.

Fatah leaders, especially those who had spent many years in
Israeli jails and dungeons, should understand that these
perfidious money-grabbing careerists are not merely seeking
Hamas’s demise. They are also seeking Fatah’s demise as
well, and also the liquidation of the Palestinian national
cause including the right of return for Palestinian

They are the enemies from within. If you don’t eradicate
them, they will eradicate you.



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