Israel’s Ambassador to the UK and his deception

By Khalid Amayreh • Jun 10th, 2008

Israeli ambassador to Britain Ron Prosor has once again
claimed that the United Kingdom is becoming a “hotbed” of
anti-Israeli propaganda.

In an opinion piece published in Tuesday’s Daily Telegraph,
Prosor alleged out that Israel was facing an intensified
campaign of delegitimization, demonization and double

“Britain has become a hotbed for radical anti-Israeli views
and a haven for disingenuous calls for a one-state
solution,” he ranted.

Ignoring the criminal role Israeli universities and
academic institutions are playing in consolidating the
Israeli occupation and tormenting Palestinians, Prosor
criticized efforts by the British University and College
Union to sever links with Israeli universities.

Finally, Prosor castigated “disingenuous calls” for a
one-state solution, which he called “a euphemism for the
destruction of Israel.”


Well, does this man really think that the people of the UK,
indeed the people of the world, are not aware of what
Israel has been and is doing to the Palestinians? Shouldn’t
he realize that Israeli criminality transcends reality and
that the utter depravity of Israeli behavior has already
gone beyond the pale of what is humanly acceptable?

Let us consider some of Israel’s criminal behavior in the
academic field vis-à-vis her Palestinian victims.

Israel is barring thousands of Palestinian college students
from furthering their university studies and higher
education by preventing them from traveling abroad. Even
students from the Gaza Strip are not allowed to attend
college in the West Bank and vice versa.

Israel claims that the draconian measure is taken for
“security reasons.” However, almost everyone realizes that
the real reason for Israel’s silent war on Palestinian
academia and education is to keep the Palestinian society
in a perpetual state of inferiority vis-à-vis Israel.

Last week, when Israel barred several students from the
Gaza Strip who had won Fulbright grants, from reaching
their colleges in the US, one Israeli official argued, “why
should we allow more Arab students on US campuses to attack

But what is it that Israel is worried about in terms of
allowing Palestinian students to travel abroad and have a
brief respite from Israel’s “bastion of democracy and human

Indeed, a state that has a clean record in terms of human
rights, civil liberties and justice for all should have
nothing to fear. However, it is amply clear that Israel is
sinking from head to toe in its own filth and racism and is
trying to conceal or blur this fact through lying and more
lying and still more lying, which is what people like
Prosor are doing.

This is why the terrorist state dreads the prospects of
people around the world knowing the truth about its
manifestly criminal behavior against the Palestinian

Israel is also detaining hundreds of Palestinian students,
lecturers, professors and academics in internment camps in
southern Israel, such as the notorious Kitziot
concentration camp in the Negev desert, mainly because of
their non-violent opposition to the Israeli occupation. The
vast bulk of these detainees are kept in jail, often in
solitary confinement, without charge or trial.

A few years ago, Mustafa Shawar, a detainee at Kitziot,
informed this writer that on several occasions he had
appealed to the Jewish military “judge” at the
Treblinka-like facility to tell him why he was being
incarcerated so that he wouldn’t commit the same violation
again once he was released.

Shawar, a senior lecturer at the University of Hebron, said
the judge paid no attention to his just request.

“He told me that he wouldn’t grant me the privilege of
knowing why I was in jail because, as he said, the Jews are
the masters and non-Jews are the slaves and the chosen
people are under no moral or legal obligation to explain to
the inferiors why they are being mistreated.”

Today, Shawar is still languishing at Kitziot for the
fourth successive year, not knowing why he is being
tormented by a state that claims to be a light upon the
nations and the only true democracy in the Middle East.

Shawar is not an exceptional case. He only epitomizes the
fate of thousands of Palestinian detainees and hostages
languishing in Israeli detention camps for harboring ideas
and thoughts that the Ashkenazi establishment deems too

And how about Azzam Salhab, Professor of Comparative
Religion, also at Hebron University, who has been
languishing in the same desert concentration camp for eight
years on vague and amorphous charges such “constituting a
danger to the safety and security of Israel and the Jewish

Is this despicable conduct compatible with true democracy
and the rule of law? Well, if the acquisition of physical
power justifies oppression of the helpless and the weak,
then why on earth should the world demonize Nazi Germany
for doing what it did several decades ago?

In addition to tormenting and torturing Palestinian
academics, Israel is also barring dozens of Palestinian
journalists from traveling abroad, ostensibly in order to
prevent them from exposing Israeli crimes more directly to
the outside world.

Last week, I was barred by the Israeli occupation
authorities from traveling to Berlin to participate in a
media conference, although I’ve never been arrested or
accused of any wrongdoing apart from work as a journalist.

So, how does Prosor suggest people in the UK and the rest
of Europe and the world should relate to these gross
violations of human rights by Israel?

Should the people of the UK march in the streets of London,
Manchester and Liverpool in order to glorify Israel for
isolating and starving Palestinians civilians in Gaza and
shooting Palestinian school children in the West Bank?
Should the people of the UK praise Israel for encouraging
the Gestapo-like Jewish settlers to poison Palestinian
waters, beat Palestinian shepherds near Tuwwani, and take
over Palestinian homes, farms and orchards in the West
Bank? Should they take to the streets in England, Scotland,
Wales and Northern Ireland to thank Israel for ganging up
on and ransacking orphanages and boarding schools in
downtown Hebron and throwing thousands of orphaned children
onto the streets?

Even the Nazis refrained from targeting orphanages. So how
is the world, including the people of the UK, supposed to
view crack Jewish soldiers who are raiding and terrorizing
sleeping children and stealing their food and clothes under
the false rubric of fighting “terror”?

Surely, a state that indulges in such acts is a Nazi state
par excellence that deserves the harshest condemnation.
Indeed, it would be utterly immoral not to condemn this
manifestly criminal behavior in the strongest terms.

Finally, in his article, Prosor protested calls for the
one-state solution, whereby Jews and Arabs live equally in
a unitary civil state in all of mandatory Palestine
extending from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan.

He called the idea a euphemism for the destruction of
Israel, but utterly ignored the fact that it was Israel,
not the Palestinians, that decapitated the two-state
solution by building hundreds of Jewish-only colonies in
the heart of the West Bank, especially in Arab East

So what are the Palestinians supposed to do, having seen
Jewish colonies mushrooming in every valley and on every
hill of their ancestral country and homeland?

Are they supposed to commit collective national suicide by
accepting to live in depressing scattered enclaves
surrounded by Jewish-only settlements, Jewish-only bypass
roads, apartheid walls and Nazi-like barbed fences,
enforced by watchtowers manned by trigger-happy Jewish
soldiers indoctrinated in Jewish supremacy?

And a last word to the brave men and women in the UK and
across Europe who have chosen to expose Israeli mendacity.
Keep up the good work. Don’t let the emissaries of lies,
such as Prosor, get away with their malicious
disinformation. Confront them with the naked facts, which
are readily available. Don’t let them deceive and mislead
the public. Give them a hard time.

For sure, as the world defeated Aryan Nazism 65 years ago,
the world can and must defeat Zionism, which represents the
Nazism of our time.



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  1. Piotr Chmielarz

    I hope that you don’t mind that I make translation on polish language articles which you publish in english version of Al-Ahram the polish translation is post in my blog tłumaczenia bliskowschodnie or I send them to If you want I can send you link to them on my blog I don’t agree with phragments of your article in which you write that nazis refrain for attacking orphanage I don’t know if this is good example but during first liquidation warsaw ghetto in 1942 among first who were sent to Treblinka gas chamber were orphanages among them orphaneges which was run by Doctor Janusz Korczak, i write in Martin Gilbert History of II world war that similar thing happen in Soviet Union after German invasion

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