Israel’s nuclear bombs are the problem in the Middle East

By Khalid Amayreh •Jun 7th, 2008

Once again, Israel is pushing the Middle East to the brink
of war, with predictably disastrous consequences. In recent
days, Israeli leaders markedly escalated their war of words
against Iran. A leading Israeli cabinet minister was quoted
on Friday, 6 June as saying, “attacking Iran will be

Similarly, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, just back
from a meeting with George W. Bush in Washington, sounded
almost euphoric when he spoke of an “American-Israeli
consensus on the need to stop Iran’s nuclear program by
whatever means necessary.”

Needless to say, an Israeli or American-Israeli attack on
Iran would be a blatant and unprovoked aggression on a
sovereign nation. It would also plunge the world into an
unpredictable phase of violence and turbulence, with deep
and far-reaching ramifications.

Iran, although hostile to Israel because of the latter’s
Nazi-like occupation of Palestine and oppression of the
Palestinian people, has never attacked Israel.

True, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often makes
stupid and irresponsible rhetorical remarks about wiping
Israel off the map, thus giving the Zionist regime ample
hasbara ammunition to incite and blackmail the West into
boycotting and isolating the Iranian republic. However,
Ahmadinejad himself and other Iranian officials have made
it abundantly clear that Iran is not against Jews or
Judaism, but rather against Zionism, an inherently racist
and manifestly criminal ideology based on mass murder and
ethnic cleansing.

This seems a plausible explanation because if Ahmadinejad
were truly hostile to Jews or Judaism, let alone if he
harbored genocidal designs against the Jewish people, as
the Zionist propaganda machine keeps telling us, he would
start with tens of thousands of Iranian Jewish citizens who
enjoy religious and civil freedoms and are represented in
the Iranian parliament.

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister said “If you
tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will
eventually come to believe it.” This is exactly the maxim
being adopted by Zionist leaders who are spreading lies,
disinformation and half-truths about Iran in order to get
the madman in Washington D.C. and his gang of neocons and
war criminals to attack another Muslim country on Israel’s

Unlike most Arab states in the region, Iran is a dignified
country that respects itself and values its independence.
It adamantly refuses to be at America’s beck and call and
rejects the western rationale that the Nazi holocaust
against Jews during WWII justifies the dispossession and
destruction of the Palestinian people at the hands of
Zionist Jews.

Iran, despite all the disinformation to the contrary, is
not really against peace between Israel and the Palestinian
people. However, Iran, mainly because of moral
considerations, can’t accept the perpetuation of
Palestinian suffering and dispossession through the
creation of a deformed and truncated Palestinian “state” on
less than 20% of the Palestinian homeland while allowing
the apartheid Israeli regime to keep the rest of the spoils
of theft. In other words, Iran says that ethnic cleansing
must never be allowed to triumph.

Well, isn’t that compatible with the views of most men and
women of honesty and conscience all over the globe?

Nonetheless, the main Israeli motive behind its hostility
to Iran stems from Israeli worries that a technologically
advanced and militarily strong Iran might pose a credible
challenge to Israel’s strategic supremacy in the region.

Israel is believed to possess hundreds of nuclear warheads,
ready with delivery systems, in addition to a huge arsenal
of state-of-the-art of American weapons of death. Israel
also tightly controls American politics, policies,
political parties and media, especially the so-called

Indeed, one exaggerates very little by saying that the
United States of America is subservient to Israel and that
American politicians, including members of Congress and the
Senate as well as presidential candidates are more
answerable to the Jewish lobby, especially AIPAC, than they
are to their own American constituents.

The recent speech by the Democratic presidential candidate
Barack Obama during AIPAC’s convention last week is very
telling. It proves once again that the international
Zionist cartel, of which AIPAC constitutes the American
chapter, tightly controls the American political discourse
and that any American politician who dares speak his or her
mind about Israel’s slow-motion genocide of Palestinians or
more recently about America’s relations with the Muslim
world, will be committing political suicide.

So, how can an essentially third world country like Iran
possibly pose a real threat to nuclear Israel that is
backed by the only superpower in the world, its
guardian-ally, the United States?

Besides, Iran has a natural right to harness nuclear
technology, even for military purposes. Indeed, if Israel
had the right to possess and stockpile hundreds of nuclear
warheads, that are being trained at Muslim cities such as
Cairo, Istanbul, Tehran and Damascus and probably Mecca and
Medina as well, why on earth would Muslim states such as
Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia not have such a right?

After all, are Jewish nuclear bombs kosher? Are they
altruistic? Are they innocuous?

I am not and will never be a fan of nuclear weapons or any
other weapons of mass destruction. And I think the
invention of these ugly tools of mass extinction
represented the lowest point in human morality if only
because these weapons are capable of annihilating the human

Having said that, however, I believe that a situation where
certain states are allowed to possess the nuclear
technology (and nuclear weapons) while others are not, is
inherently unjust and unacceptable.

This situation allows criminal states like Israel to coerce
and bully other states and other peoples and even blackmail
the entire world. It allows Israel to bomb Tunis, Baghdad,
Syria and threaten to bomb the Egyptian Aswan Dam and then
tell the helpless victims “hit me back if you dare.”

Hence, Israel must bring itself to understand that this
situation where Israel keeps bullying hundreds of millions
of Muslims by brandishing her nuclear bombs in their faces
and telling them “hit me back if you dare” is intolerable
and unacceptable, to say the least.

Muslims around the world are watching helplessly the
despicable treatment Israel is meting out to the
Palestinians. And in their hearts and minds they realize
that if they don’t acquire military strength, or at least
enough of it to deter Israel’s genocidal whims, their turn
will eventually come because Israel’s ambitions go far
beyond Gaza and the West Bank.

Don’t tell me I am exaggerating. A state that dropped 3
million cluster bomblets on Lebanon two years ago is
capable of carrying out the unthinkable, especially in
light of the fact that the main capitals of Europe and
North America are more or less Israeli-occupied

This is a message that not only Iran ought to understand
and internalize. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and even
Turkey must also get busy.

In a jungle where strength respects strength, one has to be
a tiger, a fox or a venomous cunning snake in order to
survive. (end)


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