The Israeli Wehrmacht


From Khalid Amayreh in the West Bank

I realize that comparing Israel with Nazi Germany makes
many people angry. However, it is perfectly true that when
Israel thinks, behaves and acts as Nazi Germany did, Israel
becomes deserving of and qualified for the ultimate

And Israel has been and is behaving and acting very much as
Nazi Germany did prior to and during the Second World War.
I bet this is not news for all those who have been
following up Israeli behavior against the Palestinians (and
other peoples of the Middle East) ever since Zionism seized
Palestine from its native inhabitants sixty years ago.

Let us borrow some examples from the outrage that is
happening right now before our eyes in the Gaza Strip where
Israel is effectively carrying out slow-motion genocide
against the enclave’s 1.5 million Palestinians.

On Friday, 30 May, trigger-happy Israeli soldiers
indoctrinated in the racist ideology that non-Jews are not
complete human beings, opened fire on unarmed Palestinian
demonstrators in the northern Gaza Strip, wounding and
maiming seven people.

According to medical sources, at least two of the victims
were listed in critical conditions.

The protesters were not trying to “storm Israel” and posed
no risk whatsoever to the safety of Israeli soldiers.

They were merely protesting the diabolic blockade imposed
on them for the past 12 months by a state that claims to be
a light upon the nations.

Yet, the murderous sons of Zionism shot into the crowd of
protesters without any thought for the innocent blood they
were spilling. The apathy and feeling of nonchalance should
remind us of Nazi behaviors more than six decades ago.

There is no doubt that a state that murders innocent people
knowingly and deliberately is a criminal state that is an
abomination, not a light, upon the nations.

Likewise, there is no doubt that the citizens of such a
state who passively or actively watch the daily theatre of
murder without trying to stop it or at least speaking up
against it are as criminal-minded as those Germans that
watched, saw and looked the other way when Jews and
non-Jews were being exterminated en mass at the hands of
the Nazi beast.

Zionist Jews, who are bringing dishonor to Judaism, a great
religion that teaches “thou shall not murder” and “thou
shall not lie,” and “thou shall not steal” have no right to
lecture the world about the evils of Nazism as long as they
adamantly refuse to apply the lessons of the holocaust to
their Palestinian victims.

After all, there is no such a thing as a kosher genocide or
a kosher holocaust. And when Jews (or anyone else) think,
behave and act like Nazis, they become Nazis. Pure and
simple. A crime doesn’t become less when perpetrated by
Jewish hands.

Interestingly, the incident near the Erez Checkpoint on
Friday was actually minor compared to the pornographic
atrocities and crimes against humanity Israel has been
committing in Gaza. According to human rights
organizations, including Israel’s own B’tselem group,
Israel has killed and maimed thousands of innocent people
in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank since 2000.

The Israeli army murdered Palestinian families vacationing
along the Gaza beach. The Israeli army murdered children
sleeping in the privacy of their homes and flats. The
Israeli army knowingly and deliberately bombed residential
homes and annihilated entire families on the ground that a
member of the doomed family held political views the
Zionist establishment didn’t like. Israel committed these
crimes, not once, or twice, but many times.

And never ever did Israeli military and political officials
truly expressed regret for their crimes. And whenever they
did, they did it for media consumption, given the
continuation of these criminal obscenities.

Israel is a lying nation that lies as often as it breathes.
It claims it is only reacting to Palestinian rockets fired
from the Gaza Strip onto nearby Jewish settlements in
southern Israel.

However, it is crystal clear that it is Israel, not Hamas,
that has been refusing a ceasefire by arrogantly insisting
that Israel must retain the right to murder, starve and
blockade Palestinians for not accepting the “legitimacy” of

Well, Zionism has no legitimacy just as Nazism had no
legitimacy, and according legitimacy, especially moral
legitimacy to Zionism, would be like according legitimacy
to Nazism.

Indeed, it would be a thunderous act of moral insanity to
lend legitimacy to an ideology that permits the mass murder
and mass expulsion of one people in order to enable another
people to enjoy life at the expense of the victims.

It is perfectly true that the magnitude of Israeli
criminality against the Palestinians has not reached the
level of the holocaust.

But it is also true that the “manageable level” of Israeli
Nazism is not mainly attributed to Zionist morality.
Morality and Zionism are an eternal oxymoron.

Indeed, the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which in many aspects
resembles the Nazi siege of Ghetto Warsaw, demonstrates
that Zionist Jews could embark on the unthinkable if they
thought the world would grant them a few weeks or months to
“get the job done.” The nearly daily statements we keep
hearing from some Israeli rabbis, intellectuals and
politicians underscore the Nazi mentality permeating
throughout Israel.

This is the reason Israel keeps trying to desensitize and
neutralize world public opinion with regard to Israeli
crimes against the Palestinians.

In the past, Israel refrained from exterminating a larger
number of Palestinians due to possible American objections.
This is when American retained a modicum of common sense in
its overall discourse.

Now, however, there are influential American circles,
especially within the evangelical and Jewish communities,
that wouldn’t necessarily view a prospective Palestinian
genocide at Israel’s hands as something totally undesirable
or unacceptable. Didn’t Eli Weisel claim that the world
that didn’t protect Jews from Nazism had no right to
protect Palestinians from Israel?

Hence, it is essential that genuine efforts be made to stop
the slide toward a full-fledged genocide against a
long-tormented people that has survived 60 years of
oppression and persecution at the hands of the children,
grandchildren and great grandchildren of the holocaust.

This task is certainly not easy but not impossible either.
We need to see hundreds of thousands or millions of people
take to the streets in the capitals of Europe to urge
governments to see to it that the current slow-moving
genocide be stopped immediately and that the people of Gaza
be allowed to access food, and fuel and other basic
consumer goods.

In short, Israel must not be allowed to destroy an entire
people under the rubric of fighting Hamas.

Otherwise, what is the point of even remembering the


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