Bush: Zionism’s bosom buddy

Bush at the Knesset revealed what most Arabs
andPalestinians already knew: he is not an impartial
broker, reports Khaled Amayreh from Ramallah

In his speech before the Israeli Knesset last week,
President George W Bush proved once again that he is a
Zionist par excellence. Indeed, the depth of his embrace of
Zionism and the totality of his support for Israel
surprised even his Israeli hosts. One Knesset member from a
far right-wing party lamented that if only Israeli leaders
showed similar commitment to Zionism, Israel would be in
much better shape.

It is not certain if Bush, a person of conspicuously
shallow intellect and of manifestly inadequate moral
rectitude, knew what he was saying or if he was merely
parroting whatever his speech writers had prepared for him.
At any rate, no educated observer having seen the speech
would bet that this man would be willing to pressure Israel
to end its 40-year-old occupation of the West Bank, East
Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, or come to terms with the
legality and morality of the right of return for millions
of Palestinian refugees uprooted from their ancestral
homeland when Israel came into existence 60 years ago.

Bush’s lavish praise of Israel and his deliberate, and
contemptuous disregard for the Palestinian Nakba, which was
being simultaneously commemorated, portrayed a man who is
as fanatical about Zionism and Israel as he is ignorant of
and mendacious about the objective facts surrounding the
Arab- Israeli conflict.

Bush doted upon history, speaking of how the “Jewish people
endured the agony of the pogroms, the tragedy of the Great
War, and the horror of the Holocaust”. He quoted Eli
Wiesel, the oft-sanctimonious American Zionist leader who
said on several occasions that he identified with Israeli
crimes and that he couldn’t possibly bring himself to
criticise Israel. Bush also spoke of Israel’s “thriving
democracy”, but ignored the fact that murdering innocent
Palestinian civilians, demolishing Palestinian homes,
stealing Palestinian land and detaining thousands of
innocent Palestinian activists and intellectuals without
charge or trial because of their opposition to military
occupation and apartheid were starkly incompatible with
true democracy.

Bush hailed Israel for welcoming “immigrants from the four
corners of Earth” but forgot or ignored the fact that for
each and every immigrant welcomed into Israel, a native
Palestinian was either murdered, dispossessed of his
property or banished to the same four corners of the Earth.

Further, Bush denied that America’s unconditional embrace
of Israeli territorial expansionism and bellicosity had
anything to do with instability and tension in the Middle
East. “Some people suggest that if the United States would
just break ties with Israel, all our problems in the Middle
East would go away. This is a tired argument that buys into
the propaganda of our enemies, and America rejects it
utterly. Israel’s population may be just over seven
millions. But when you confront terror and evil, you are
307 million strong, because America stands with you.”

The American president lashed out at the UN, saying that,
“we consider it a source of shame that the UN routinely
passes more human rights resolutions against the freest
democracy in the Middle East than any other nation in the
world.” No mention was made of Israeli settlement expansion
policies and routine and grave violations of Palestinian
human and civil rights — the unlawful acts that prompt the
UN to censure Israel.

At one point Bush seemed to be speaking of some other
country when he spoke of Israel “forging a free and modern
society based on a love of liberty, a passion for justice,
and a respect for human dignity”. Anyone who has seen the
Israeli occupation first hand would also be astonished when
Bush praised successive Israeli governments for “working
tirelessly for peace, while having to fight valiantly for

Palestinians at home and in the Diaspora who were
commemorating the Nakba — the Palestinian holocaust —
were not surprised by Bush’s remarks to the Knesset, itself
built on land seized illegally from its Palestinian

“What do you expect from the president of a country that
exterminated millions of Native Americans and then called
the genocide manifest destiny?” asked one Palestinian
intellectual from Hebron. “What do you expect from a
president who invaded, occupied and destroyed two sovereign
countries and killed or caused the death of more than a
million people… because God told him to do so?”

Hamas, meanwhile, used Bush’s speech as reason to castigate
the Palestinian Authority (PA) for “blindly trusting the
Zionist American administration despite its brazen alliance
with Israel”. The phrase “He is more Zionist than the
Zionists” was on the tip of everyone’s tongue throughout
the occupied territories.

Even the usually circumspect Mahmoud Abbas, president of
the US-backed PA, whom the Americans classify as
“moderate”, couldn’t hide his anger and desperation. “To be
frank, his speech angered us and we have many reservations
and observations about it,” Abbas said.

“And I told Mr Bush that he should display a modicum of
balance, honesty and even- handedness. I said it [Bush’s
speech] was disappointing and a missed opportunity, because
you [Bush] could have said that the Palestinian people
should have their freedom and independence in order to
achieve peace in the entire area.”

To be sure, Bush sought to patch it up with Abbas when the
two met at the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh
over the weekend. Bush told Abbas that his administration
was still committed to the resolution of the
Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the creation of a
Palestinian state. Furthermore, Bush said he was
“absolutely committed” to getting an Israeli-Palestinian
accord by the end of the year.

“It breaks my heart to see the vast potential of the
Palestinian people really wasted,” said Bush, while
lambasting Hamas, Iran and Hizbullah for all the ills of
the Middle East, from the absence of democracy to the
absence of peace.

Abbas who has found himself in the often awkward position
of having to remain faithful to Palestinian national
constants in order to maintain popularity at home and at
the same time appease the Americans, whose political and
financial backing is crucial for the survival of his
regime, had to package his frustration in diplomatic

“We know very well that you, personally, as well as your
administration are committed to reach peace before the end
of 2008,” said Abbas. He added that, “we are working very
seriously and very intently with the hope that we will be
able to achieve this objective.”

On 18 May, following a meeting with former Meretz leader
Yossi Beilen, Abbas reportedly warned that he would “quit”
if a peace deal were not reached in six months. His
spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeina, later denied that he was
seriously contemplating resignation. According to former
cabinet minister Ghassan Khatib, however, Abbas “has very
few remaining choices, anyway.”

“His term as president of the PA will expire by the end of
this year, and it is doubtful that he would run for a new
term in the absence of a genuine and acceptable peace
agreement with Israel,” Khatib said.

Khatib added the organisation of new elections would
require two main prerequisites: inter-Palestinian
reconciliation and a peace agreement with Israel. Needless
to say, neither is immanent, a fact that leaves little if
any cause for optimism.




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2 responses to “Bush: Zionism’s bosom buddy

  1. Francois

    Sir, Unfortunately there is no alternative world, not even the one dreamerd up and then picked-up upon by every successive religion in their [political use of people as serfs and warriors.

    The worst of all are the three Jewish based religions over centuries but today Christianity, a religion some still absurdly call “Judeo-Christianity” …when in fact Jesus came to change the religion for a new one…. exists not only in good hearts but in so many wierd, militaristic, conniving, money grubbing forms such as Billy Graham, American evangelism of all kinds, Scientology, places like the Hillsong Church, the Crystal Cathedral and the money minded TV evangelists.

    The mainstream religions Catholicism and Anglican have lifted their game enormouly in the last 50 years.

    Zionism,on the other hand, basing itself on the same “God” (once were three gods) as Mohammed did and militant Islam are the enemies of the world, neither cares a toss about people, only about power and the deaths of vast numbers means nothing to them as they use ‘god’ as an excuse for their bestial progressing of power.

    If there is a god it certainly wouldn’t tolerate the misery these two religions have inflicted on the world in recent years in its name.Any intelligent thinking about the purported ‘qualities’ of god make both religions look simply to be a lie…yet people believe the nonsense and kill for it….kill each other too in the name of the same god!… Madness!!The world would be a better place if both disappeared today forever.

    So we have Bush….religious scumbag and representative of the worst of the Billy Graham styled politico religious “Christianity”…which again is an absurdity as Jesus was against villence and war has invaded Iraq killling hundreds of thoudsands of people. I have no doubt he was elected criminally with one purpose…to invade the middle east on behalf of Israel. He said “I was groomed for this (the Presidency) all my life….how very interesting it would be to know how that grooming took place.

    Ari ben Menashe in 1990 spoke of the middle east invasion by USA in “Profits of War” saying Israel knew America would eventually do its bidding and invade the middle east “to kill as many arabs as possible to keep them off our borders” Sharon said, paraphrased, that Israel already had America under its control. Well, that’s evident.

    The first invasion was over Kuwait…and I recall Saddam being quoted (once…it then disappeard from the news, as do so many things once heard or sighted by political lobbyists). “I though the USA had agreed for us to do it”

    My view is that Bush, whose speak to the Knesset was a grovelling to it, is under the control of Israel because of his family history of supporting the National Socialist movement in WW11. That story has been canned, and like so many stories ” The Other Side of Deception” for example the public, not all of course, but as a general mass of what should be interested parties , just goes deaf and blind.

    Whether his conscience is the cause, in a man who appears to have no conscience, or whether Israel has threatened to take action against him politically and immediately unless he continues their favoritism and does its bidding, I don’t know. I only know that Israel has indoctrinated itself into the western cultural mindset and that the most extraordinary thing is that there is no general outcry. There is no examination of a contunuum by the “free media” or government. I know that Americal drew governments…not countries as governments no longer represent countries only represent economic management styles….and their supporters into a mass murder in Iraq.

    The history of the USA from its outset is one of mass murder of which the civil war was notable. Based on the great lie that it was to “free slaves” (like ‘freeing Iraqis” it was based on preventing the secession of Texas and was a product in the main of the huge difference industrially between the North and the South…as happened in Ireland. Very similar all through to Iraq really.

    I would hope that the story of Bush’s family skeleton ..and of course neither he nor his family are to blame for that….but much becomes clearer through it, such as the reasons for Hess being slocked-up and shut up….and he must have left evidence somewhere or they’d have killed him…about USA’s long delay on helping britain…its President lied on a daily basis to Chrchill for two years about giving aid and then came in and extended the war by 12 months in Europe as its incompetent hierarchy wanted the glory of command… Macarthur was recalled in disgrace, but Patton went on to become a legend after his egomania prolonged the European campaign…and how many Jews died in that last year…and how many others died in the camps in that last year and how many soldiers and civilians? how the world changed because of Russia becoming involved in that last year.

    In closing I want to remind you of the insidious nature of the manipulation of that grotesque tragedy…the Nazi camps genocide. 6 million jews are said to have been killed or died there….so did a nazi Officer’s wife and children at Treblinka, priests, all sorts of ‘criminals” such as homosexuals, the sick, mentally ill, gypsies prisoners of war…a whole range of people who were not jews…a bit 5.5 million of them.

    There is no political gain in them, the gypsies received no lands, no compensation is sought for these 5.5 millions by those who want to “avenge the holocaust”..these 5.5 million are ignored and the genocide of 11.5 million people has becomme the “holocaust” (sacrifice) of 6 million jews…sacrifice for what???….oh, the creation of Israel!!…of course!…god demanded a sacrifice in exchange for the palestinian lands…it was a “sign”….yes now I get it…’god’ did all this as a cost of giving them the lands.

    Well, if that’s the case why don’t the Israelis thank Hitler and the Naziz because it seems to me that they created the situation where not only 6 million Jews and 5.5 million others died in ‘god’s great plan’ for Israel but millions of others. Here, with apologies is one person’s statistics…

    Fantastic God,eh!

    Killed by the European Axis Powers.
    At least 5.1 million according to Hilberg 1
    At least 5.75 million according to Gilbert. 2
    Reitlinger estimates 4,194,200 to 4,581,200. He also quotes the Anglo-American Commitees figures from April, 1946 of 5,721,800. He qualifies his own estimates with the note, “Owing to the lack of reliable information at the time of writing, these figures must be regarded as conjectural.” 3
    Approximately 5,384,000 about 50% of whom were Jews according to Lukas. 4
    Soviet citizens.
    7 million civilians died in the war according to Gilbert. 5
    At the siege of Leningrad approximately 1 million (source needed!)
    3.3 million POW’s according to Streit. 6
    Romani and Sinti
    250,000-1,000,000 according to sources cited by Hancock 7
    Over 200,000 were killed in the official euthanasia campaign, 1939-41. There is no way to know how many were killed outside the campaign. “No reliable figures exist for the spontaneous killings.” 8
    British and American POW’s
    8,348 according to Streit. 6
    3,000-9,000 German homosexuals according to Whitman. 9
    5,000-15,000 according to Lautmann 10
    Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Killed by the Japanese.
    The Nanking massacre:
    about 300,000 deaths and 20,000 rapes. 11
    Killed by the Western Allies.
    Japanese civilian dead:
    2 million5
    about 138,890 according to Gilbert. 5
    about 48,857according to Gilbert.5
    Tokyo bombings:
    “On May 24, more than four hundred American bombers dropped 3,646 tons of bombs on central Tokyo, and on the industrial areas in the south of the city. More than a thousand Japanese were killed.”5
    Tokyo, March 1945: “83,793 Japanese civilians killed. That was the official minimum death toll; later, 130,000 deaths were ‘confirmed’ by the Japanese authorities.” 5
    Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Yokohama, Kawasaki March-May 1945:
    “more than a quarter of a million”5
    German civilians killed by bombing
    In total about 800,000 according to Gilbert. 12
    Hamburg, July 1943:
    42,000 5
    Dresden, February 1945:
    “39,773 ‘officially identified dead’ were found in the city and registered, most of them burned to death. At least 20,000 more bodies were buried beneath ruins, or incinerated beyond recognition, even as bodies. 5
    Killed by the USSR.
    Gilbert says that the German government estimates a total of 3.6 million German civilians were killed; he does not specify how many were killed by Eastern vs. Western allies.5
    Katyn massacre of Polish prisoners.
    On 5 March 1940 L. Beria signed an execution order for 25,700 Polish captives. A 1956 memo from KGB chief Shelepin to Khrushchev confirmed 21,257 of these exections at the following sites. 13
    Katyn: 4,421
    Starobelsk Camp: 3,820
    Ostashkov Camp: 6,311
    Other places of detention: 7,305.
    The Katyn murders were later blamed on the Nazis by the Soviets
    Killed by the Nationalist Chinese.
    Killed by the Communist Chinese.
    [Rich Green |Notes ]

    Last modified: April 27, 1998
    Copyright © 1997, 1998 Richard J. Green.. All rights reserved.

    Cheers Francois

  2. Emmanuel

    Kudos to you Khaled Amayreh. Bush is devoid of any sense of decency.

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