An evil state that will disappear one day

Comment by Khalid Amayreh in occupied East Jerusalem

Just as Israel inaugurated its misbegotten birth with genocidal
ethnic cleansing sixty years ago, the evil brat of Zionism is marking
its 60th anniversary with yet another spate of bloodletting.

On Sunday, 27 April, the Israeli “Defense” Forces (a more appropriate
appellation would be the Jewish Wehrmacht) murdered a mother and her
four children in Beit Hanoun, a northern Gaza suburb.

The mother and her kids reportedly were having breakfast when an
artillery shell fired from an Israeli Merkava battle-tank hit their
home, killing them instantly and mutilating their bodies.

The graphic, blood-splattered images of the mutilated children and
their mother raised no eyebrows among Israeli leaders and the
Zionist-Jewish public opinion. After all, these Nazi-minded and
Nazi-hearted Zionists have been doing this for more than sixty years.
And the world seems to be coming to terms with these crimes as a fact
of life. This is at least how Israel views world reactions to its
crimes against the peoples of the Middle East.

Anyone familiar with the Zionist way of thinking would tell you that
whenever a pornographic carnage is committed by the Israeli
occupation army, Israeli leaders don’t indulge in soul-searching over
the barbarian behavior they engage in. Instead, they just activate
their hasbara machine in order to control the resulting public
relations damage and help exonerate Israel of any wrong doing before
the eyes of the world.

Thus, these evil child killers have told us that their victims were
killed not by Israeli artillery shells, but rather by Palestinian
explosives! Well, didn’t these wicked liars claim that Muhammed Durra
was killed by Palestinian snipers in order to tarnish Israel’s image?

This is of course not the first time the Israeli army murders an
entire family in order to inflict “shock and awe” on a people as bent
on living and surviving as Israel is bent on killing and murdering.
Israel’s history, after all, has been an uninterrupted concatenation
of massacres and war crimes. In fact, one would exaggerate very
little by saying that Israel itself is a crime against humanity, and
for that matter a continuing crime against humanity.

The latest carnage in Gaza didn’t occur in isolation. The entire Gaza
Strip has been languishing under a harsh blockade that has much in
common with the Nazi blockade of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland in 1943.

This is a truth that many people in Europe and North America can’t
bring themselves to accept, at least openly, because it is not
politically correct to do so. Well, does the West need to see a
full-fledged holocaust in Palestine in order to cast the holocaust
guilt off its shoulders? Must Palestinian children be slaughtered
every morning and every evening in order to finally bring about the
long-awaited recuperation of Europe from the holocaust complex?

As a result of barring the estimated 1.5 million Gaza inhabitants
from accessing food, work, medicine and fuel, the vast bulk of the
population has been forced into abject poverty and virtual

Ill people who can’t find the needed medicine and required medical
care in local health facilities, are left to succumb to their
illnesses. It is believed that more than 200 innocent Gazan patients
have so far died as a direct result of the callous Nazi-like siege.

This happens as Israeli officials appearing on western TV screens
keep assuring the mostly nonchalant or morally-apathetic western
audiences that under no circumstances would Israel allow a
“humanitarian crisis” to develop in Gaza. Well, what, apart from
lies, do we expect from Zionism, a Godless, satanic ideology based on
murder, theft and mendacity?

What do we expect from a state that sends its crack soldiers to raid
and terrorize orphanages and boarding schools in Hebron in the dead
of night?

What do we expect from a state that confiscates donated food for
orphaned children whose parents had been murdered by the Israeli
army…a state that orders its soldiers to raid inventory warehouses
and steal shoes, clothes, even underwear, of orphaned children under
ten years of age?

What do we expect from a state whose soldiers murder 12-year-old
school kids, and then verify the kill by emptying 20 more bullets
into the small victim’s body to make sure that the dead or dying
little girl or boy doesn’t pose a threat to the security and safety
of the heroic soldier?

What do we expect from a state whose army bulldozers crush peace
activists to death and then tells the world that “ the bulldozer
driver acted in accordance with outstanding instructions and did
nothing wrong.”

Obviously, a sate as such is a Nazi state par excellence.

Well, I know that Israel has produced good scientists and built good
hospitals and made impressive achievements in science, technology and
other fields.

But this doesn’t mean much in moral terms. Nazi Germany, too,
produced many good scientists, built many good hospitals and made
impressive achievements in science and technology.

Besides, what is the point of inventing advanced electronic devices
and then using the technology in murdering and maiming sleeping
children and women and other innocent civilians?

Indeed, what is the point of building a prosperous state on a
foundation of oppression, mass murder and ethnic cleansing?

Israel may appear modern, vigorous and democratic to much of the
outside world. But for us, the Palestinians, Israel is and will
always be a murderer, a thief and a liar.

Israel stole our country away from us, ethnically cleansed our
people, destroyed our homes, bulldozed our towns and villages,
poisoned our water wells lest we return, and then expelled the bulk
of our people to the four corners of the globe…these are the very
people Israeli leaders and spokespersons now shamelessly call

Yes, Israel is militarily and economically powerful; it has a huge
stockpile of nuclear weapons, and pro-Israeli pressure groups control
the American government as well as much of the media and show
business in the United States.

So what?

Evil states, like evil people, don not last forever. And Israel will
be no exception.


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