Israel and peace are oxymoron

Khalid Amayreh in Occupied East Jerusalem

26 April, 2008

Israel never fails to prove to the world that it is a criminal state,
an evil entity that murders, steals and lies. And at the end of the
day, Israeli leaders and spokespersons would have the audacity to
claim that Israel is actually a victim of aggression, a lover of
peace, and a light upon the nations.

And like Nazi Germany, which claimed that all the havoc it inflicted
on Europe was for the sake of world peace, Israel is claiming that
its hideous crimes in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are also committed
in the spirit of seeking peace and reconciliation with its neighbors.

Let us have a quick look at some of Israel’s recent behaviors, which
really demonstrate the sheer evilness and criminality of the Zionist

This week, the Hamas movement decided to accept an Egyptian proposal
for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. According to the proposal, Israel
would stop its destructive daily attacks on Gaza and lift its harsh
blockade of the coastal territory in exchange for a total cessation
of all resistance attacks originating from the Gaza Strip, including
the firing of homemade rockets on nearby Jewish settlements.

Hamas leaders have also informed former US President Jimmy Carter
that they would be willing and ready to take further steps of good
will if Israel agreed to extend a prospective calm to the West Bank.

Undoubtedly, the dignified Egyptian proposal would save Palestinian
and Israeli blood and allow the estimated 1.5 million Gazans to
resume their normal life after more than two years of unmitigated
death, misery and starvation, probably unprecedented since the
infamous Nazi blockade of Ghetto Warsaw in 1943.

However, instead of dealing positively with the Egyptian proposal and
Hamas’s acceptance of it, the arrogant Israeli leadership rejected it
out of hand, with Israeli government spokesmen accusing Hamas of
“playing games” and “wanting to gain time in order to rearm and

One Israeli spokesman vowed that Israel will continue “to act to
protect its citizens” obviously by murdering and maiming Palestinian
children and civilians.

Indeed, a few hours later, Israeli bullets and artillery shells
killed a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in the northern Gaza Strip and
seriously wounded her mother. The fresh victims are added to tens of
thousands of Palestinians murdered and mutilated by the Israeli death

So, what are the Palestinians supposed to do in the face of this
Nazi-like arrogance, this innate pugnacity?

For if they seek to defend their children, using whatever desperate
means under their disposal, they are accused of committing “terror”
and “violence” and of “targeting innocent Israeli citizens.”

And if they reach out for a mutual ceasefire and demand an end to the
manifestly criminal blockade of Gaza, they are accused of “playing
games and tricks and wanting to gain time to regroup.”

The truth of the matter is that Israel doesn’t really seek peace with
the Palestinians. A state that bombs homes crowded with sleeping
children and civilians, usually after midnight or in the quiet hours
before dawn, obviously doesn’t have peace on its agenda.

A state that sends its crack soldiers to storm orphanages and
boarding schools in Hebron and terrorize children by throwing them
onto the streets in the dead of night, is obviously an evil entity
not unlike the Third Reich.

And whenever Israeli crimes are criticized, the critics are
haphazardly called “bigots” and “anti-Semites.”

Last week, Israeli officials refused to meet with President Carter
who had arrived in the Middle East in a daring effort to restore calm
to the Gaza Strip and contiguous Israeli settlements.

Israeli officials, most of them are certified war criminals, argued
that they wouldn’t shake hands with a man who shook hands of Hamas’s

You see the striking hypocrisy. Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak, who have
thousands of tons of innocent blood on their dirty hands, and who
only two years ago dropped 2-3 million cluster bomblets on southern
Lebanon, wouldn’t shake hands with President Carter without whose
efforts the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty would have never seen the
light of the day.

The effrontery did stop right there. The Israeli ambassador at the
United Nations, Dan Gillerman, had the audacity to call Mr. Carter a
“bigot” for daring to criticize Israel. The rude behavior, which
epitomizes Israel’s perceptions of the non-Jewish world, didn’t raise
eyebrows neither in Israel itself nor in the US, Israel’s

But, yes, Israel does want “peace” with its neighbors, particularly
the Palestinians, who have been languishing under its Nazi-like
occupation for several decades. Israel wants to have “peace” with
them not in accordance with international law and human rights, but
through coercion, bullying, systematic state terror, land theft and
settlement expansion.

What else explains Israel’s unrelenting settlement expansion in East
Jerusalem and the West Bank which comes despite the numerous pledges
to the contrary which Israel made to the Americans and the
international community?

Israeli behavior is not inexplicable. Israel, like Nazi Germany did
in 1939, feels it can defy the entire international community,
including the United States, whose politics and policies are more or
less firmly dominated by Israeli pressure groups.

Such arrogance of power produced a Second World War and a holocaust
more than sixty five years ago.

Now, history appears to be repeating itself. Israel’s unbridled
arrogance of power is threatening a genocide in Palestine, a
blitzkrieg in Lebanon and possibly a war of aggression of immense
proportions on Iran.

Hence, it is imperative that the world, especially ordinary men and
women who would suffer most from Zionist madness, act immediately to
rein in Israel, this vicious, venomous snake.



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  1. saladin saed

    thanks for this article that reveals the brutal ultra fascist zionist entity that threatens the region and whole world.

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